Thursday, June 25, 2009

Safe on ground in Wisconsin

The K-State ladies have made another successful leg and are safe on ground in Wisconsin. Despite the bits of green that kept popping up on the radar, they said they did not have any trouble.


  1. Yeah!!! Great job gals!

    Thanks to Robin and Nikki for a great ground support!

    Only one more leg; enjoy it!!!
    See you in Atlantic.

  2. I am glad the weather was not a big is nice to see that you are in Racine.....enjoy your evening. See you friday...

  3. This old first grade teacher sends her regards to let you know how exciting this is for you. Proud of you and the Purple Pride! Fly on to victory!!
    Jane N.

  4. Good luck on the last leg! You have some supporters in St. Louis!
    Amy, Martin and Sarah Fields

  5. no problem : ) i am just as anxious to hear how they are as everyone else. They sound like they are having so much fun-I love the latest pictures they posted.

  6. Thanks Mrs. Niday!! So nice to hear from you! Hope all is well! To this day I have fond memories of my first grade teacher!!

    Thanks Amy, Martin, and Sarah! I flew almost over you guys today! Hope all is well! I loved having breakfast with Delores and Steve.

    Thanks Robin for all of your hard work!! You are such a great supporter! Next year you need to race, you can race as alumni you know!!!

  7. Hehe...maybe....but I am having SO much FUN being on ground crew! (and it is cheap too...! hmm...maybe I could be a passenger...? I could enroll in something at KSUS...hmm...I will think about it)

    Although, I am hoping to race in the next few years....Not sure on a specific date yet....but I hope to race again soon-they are some of my fondest memories : o )