Sunday, June 28, 2009

Awards Banquet is Today

Yesterday the K-State Team attended the 1st time racer's debriefing and signed score sheets. We still do not know where they stand :  ( But, Kali said that, "Merritt is an amazing timer and half of our times were exact to the second!" Great job!!!

*When each team signs time sheets, the judges/timer meets with each team individually and goes through the start and stop  times for each leg of the race. This is to verify that the timer got the proper time for each leg of the course and credited the proper team for that time. I encouraged our K-State team, # 22, to be particularly careful and write down these times because in my first year racing, there were multiple planes that crossed the timing line near the same time our team did, and the timers completely missed our time!

However, have no fear, our fantastic mama bird, Janet Yoder, encouraged us to keep track of our own times and also the aircrafts that crossed the timing line before and after us (if there were any)-and we did. The year that the timers missed our times, they did know a plane had passed the timing line around the times that we had flown, but did not know which classic team it was. So, when it came time for our team to sign the time sheets, the judges were able to get our times-and fill in the blank that it was our team that crossed the timing line around the times the judges missed which plane crossed the line. Thanks mama birds!!!

Today is the all racers briefing, breakfast, and banquet. Stand by for results. I believe the banquet starts around 7pm this evening (CST) and will end around 10 or 11pm (ish). I will do my best to get the results and post them ASAP.

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